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2 Great Easy To Use Tools To Monitor Your Social Mentions

December 09, 2014
Do you want to monitor social mentions?

According to social media expert Carmelo Cerrelli, there are two great tools namely: Mention and SumAll, both these tools offer a dashboard through which you can track mentions on blogs, websites and social media.
Mention and SumAll, both provide all the data you need to get the big picture of your online presence.

Mention is a real-time media monitoring tool that let’s you create alerts on your brand and competitors, it’s just like Google Alerts.
Mention lets you monitor millions of sources in 42 languages, also make sures that you don’t miss anything published on the web and social networks.
Plus creating a Mention alert is very easy, you simply have to click Create Alert and fill in the parameter by naming your alert and adding any keywords you want to include in the search.
On the dashboard you can easily see all the social accounts you have connected to Mention, as well as your scheduled tasks.

You can also analyze your statistics and activity, plus generate reports and export your data to compare yourself with your competitors.
Mention’s basic plan is free, but you are limited to one alert. However, paid plans start at $29 per month and allow multiple users and alerts. You can either use Mention on their website, or on an iPhone or Android phone.

SumAll allows you to track activity across 50 platforms, also let’s you compare and analyze the connections among all of them. Through SumAll you can easily track your traffic across the Internet, including social updates as well as emails and sales details.
On your dashboard, you can easily choose what information you would like to see, also you can filter your views for each account, each stream of your account as well as let’s you compare timeframe of each account.

SumAll also offers a publishing tool for your Facebook page and Twitter account.
With the Twitter publishing options, you can send thank you tweets to your top three followers, weekly performance and monthly performance, you can choose one or all of the options.

With the Facebook publishing option, you can choose and republish the best posts from last year.

There are two pricing plans offered by SumAll: the basic plan is free but the premium plan is $9 per month. Also with a premium account, you get an assigned SumAll expert, tips and access to new features first. Plus you get special alerts if your posting frequency decreases. Furthermore, it also offers an app in iTunes and for Android phones.

According to social media expert Carmelo Cerrelli, with these two great easy to use social mention tools, you can monitor the Internet for social mentions of your business also stay on top of your metrics without even constantly jumping back and forth from network to network gather data to compare and to check analytics.